Monday, 13 August 2012

Orangeberry Summer Splash: Due Praise

For my Guest Post: We Fancy Books

"It all started with John Locke. Not the philosopher, nor the Lost character. The American author who had almost single handedly turned the world of fiction writing on its head, by taking advantage of yet another way in which the internet had transformed people’s lives for the better. E-publishing....."

For my Book Feature (scroll down): Peace from Pieces

"Injustice. Treachery. Sabotage. Called upon to defend an acrimonious libel action on behalf of an important newspaper client, newly appointed law firm partner Alex Harris never once expected to find his efforts impeded by wanton disregard for ethics and blatant self interest that crossed all boundaries. Not only on the part of his opponents, but also those he should have been able to trust implicitly and without question..."

For my Ford 99: Mommy Adventures

"To have described Thursday 11th March as simply One Of Those Days for solicitor Alex Harris would have been a woeful understatement.

With his newspaper clients’ libel trial only days away, he realises just how dirty a fight his opponents intend to contest, as they pull a last minute rabbit out of the hat in the form of printed apologies to past libel victims that Bill Holroyd, the editor, had been compelled to publish in days gone by. Apologies that are now to feature in the documents bundle that will be placed before the judge and jury, in the hope of poisoning their minds against the editor, regardless of the fact that he was then in charge of a downmarket tabloid, not the same newspaper that is now on trial.

Thinking on his feet, Alex finds a counter-measure to demonstrate that whenever Holroyd decided in his past editorial role to stand firm against a libel allegation and go to trial, he was never defeated. Little did Alex know that this would not be the last dirty trick…"

For my Author Interview: Bunny's Review.

How did you know you should become an author? Creativity with words has always fascinated me. Ever since childhood I have parodied song lyrics, and this developed into general satire in student days when classics, law and Private Eye all came together. Having moved through experiments in travel writing and scambaiting (see below), I dusted off the plot for my long forgotten novel ‘Hatred, Ridicule & Contempt’ when the e-publishing boom took off.

Who are your favorite authors of all time? Robert Goddard. Bill Bryson. Tom Clancy. Michael Crichton. Glenn Cooper.

Who or what inspired you to become an author? A major unforeseen professional affront.

How did you celebrate the sale of your first book? Took my wife out for a pub lunch.

Favourite music? All time favourite for over 30 years and still going, Rush. In general, British and American rock, 60s to 80s, but my mind is not closed to modern musicians of any type who write their own material and can perform it live without lip synching or other deceit.....

Not forgetting Pandora for the Twitter Blast.

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