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So what can a reader expect from my new legal fiction book Craven Conflict, now available on Kindle and soon to follow in paperback form on Createspace? Dirty tricks and skulduggery in the recruitment industry, for a start, as headhunter Karen Rutherford faces a massive threat to her business and her livelihood. The law proving itself initially, in that time honoured phrase, to be an ass (matter of opinion, of course, as her disloyal ex-colleague Wayne Avery and his dodgy lawyer Tony Wagstaff would have it). And let’s not forget the rock and the hard place, when Karen has to accept that if she goes the distance, a best forgotten episode from her private life might end up being broadcast far and wide.

Paul Craven’s problems are just as agonising. As he finally makes it back into work after a harsh spell of unemployment, the alien workplace is difficult enough in its own right. But for someone afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome, especially when he would rather keep his condition to himself, it’s even more so. And it’s not only colleagues’ attitudes to weigh up. It’s the partners’ attitudes too. So should he come out, or forever hold his peace?

And what will be in store for the warring litigants when the action is all set for trial before the formidable Judge Marian Banks QC, custodian of the commercial lists in Birmingham? That’s Birmingham UK, not Birmingham Alabama – but if you’re a John Grisham fan, hopefully you’ll appreciate a transatlantic journey on this occasion.

BTW I prefer "suspense/drama" to "thriller", as far as the genre is concerned - it's probably down to being a long time follower of Robert Goddard.

There’s a link to the opening chapters above, and the Kindle link is on the right. Enjoy!

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