About Infernal Coalition

Solicitor Alex Harris and his wife Professor Susie Harris both find themselves up against a snake in the grass. In Alex's case, one of his own clients, who had apparently sought his professional expertise over a commercial dispute, only to twist the unwelcome advice into a negligence claim in the pursuit of an elaborate scam. But in Susie's case, a complete political party machine that seemed to have encouraged her to come forward for the sake of appearance while only ever wanting to look after its own. Leaving neither of them in the mood to take it lying down, or ever suspecting that the repercussions would one day converge and collide.

The full inspiration for Infernal Coalition, particularly the idea of combining parallel legal and political plot lines, came together when I was celebrating a milestone birthday in South Africa in March 2012. And I think I may fairly claim that no other fiction author to date has written against the actual background of the 2010 UK General Election and numerous events in the political arena that preceded it. Having initially published the book as Sackcloth, Ashes and Penance, my revision to the title in May 2014 was not just a reflection of one of the book's cornerstone themes, but also a regrettably ironic comment on what the 2010 Election gave us...

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