Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Alliterative Duals: another Orangeberry Summer Splash feature

"Lamenting libel law losers launch lifeline. Partners' petty politics prove paranoid" - Hatred Ridicule & Contempt.

The challenge to summarise a book in 20 words or fewer is not unusual. But I would venture to suggest that the Alliterative Dual - a variation on this challenge to do so in two sentences using alternative alliteration - is entirely original. It might, of course, be entirely pointless too. But I will gladly take the risk in support of the worthy cause that goes by the name of the Orangeberry Summer Splash. Especially as some fellow participants have already provided encouragement and summaries of their own: -

"Gregarious girly girl gives gratitude, giggles, galpal gifts. Fashions funny focus for family, friends, future." Kim Dalferes, I Was In Love With A Short Man Once.

"Travel to transcend turmoil, techniques to transform thinking. Affirmations abound, abundantly authentic!" Keri Nola, A Year On Your Path To Growth.

"Mighty Magnus manages mishaps magnificently. Seemingly saves something, sometime." Jonathan Gould, Magnus Opum.

"Colorful characters careen carelessly, cheering coming century." Dawn Deanna Wilson, Ten Thousand New Years' Eves.

And another Pandora tribute from Kim to finish: "Orangeberry offers outstanding out-of-the-ordinary opportunities. Witty writers wistfully word-smithing wonderful works."

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