Thursday, 2 August 2012

More Haikus for the Orangeberry Summer Splash

Continuing from where I left off before: -

Gean Penny, The Lonely Chair The Story: -

Patches fill its cloth
Stories shared between those left
Lonely for Grandpa

PG Forte, Scent of the Roses: -

Scout's homeward bound
To a quirky little town
Where mysteries abound

Rebekah Webb, The Life And Times Of Car Johnson: -

Loser tries to make it big
Makes it odd instead
Cow fetus tea parties rock

Michelle Delisle, Winging It! (Angel In Training): -

Angel wings
Out of reach
For a little bit longer

Caddy Rowland, Gastien Part 1: The Cost Of The Dream: -
Dark drama
When Gastien arrives in Paris
To fulfill his dreams

Lynne Cantwell, Fissured: The Pipe Woman Chronicles #2: -

Jaguar comes between
Naomi, Joseph, Shannon
And Charlie gets fracked.

And finally a tribute for Pandora Poikilos from Kim Dalferes: -

Haiku fun
The Summer Splash comes
Waves of talent and Pandora bliss!

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