Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Infernal Coalition

Followers of UK national politics from a partisan viewpoint may have strong feelings about the coalition government that has run the country since 2010.

They may think that the coming together of the two parties for the sake of national unity was the best thing since sliced bread.

Then again, they may be more likely to feel that this has been four wasted years for the Conservatives, who once had an open goal against Gordon Brown but then inexplicably squandered their poll lead, and ended up having to abandon much of their carefully planned programme for government and enter an alliance with a once bitter enemy. On the Lib Dems’ side, it may not be unreasonable to conclude that it would have been better to remain the natural party of protest, with a voice to match, than to enter unimpressively into government amid broken promises and lightweight policies, and find dark threats of annihilation awaiting them.

All in all, a pretty infernal coalition. But one which now gives me a perfect reason to amend the title of my second novel, a legal/political suspense which coincidentally takes place against the background of the 2010 General Election, to Infernal Coalition.
Still a bargain download via Kindle or Smashwords. Especially just ahead of a UK election when many might be looking for an excuse to proclaim how infernal they consider the coalition to be.

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