Monday, 27 May 2013

Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour 2013, live at the LG Arena Birmingham

What, by way of a live show, can a rock band offer a dedicated follower of 33 years’ standing (and probably 10 previous occasions in the audience) that will still make a reaction such as “well impressed” a massive understatement? Here goes.

Beginning the show with Subdivisions, definitely one from my all time Top 10.
Moving on to play a collection of songs from the 80s and 90s – notably from Power Windows – that were classics of their time but would probably never have been expected in a live set again.

Showcasing three short but sweet drum solos from Neil Peart – no single multimedia epic this time – that reflect a true master of his art who is not afraid of learning new tricks.
Launching into the second half of the show with a bold innovation, wholly unpredictable – the first ever appearance of guest backing musicians, a string quintet no less. And it worked.

Playing nine songs from Clockwork Angels, one of their most ground breaking and original albums for years. For choice: Halo Effect, Headlong Flight and The Garden.
Jumping back in time for Red Sector A, another resurrected classic, before finishing off with two songs in the main set and two in the encore (guess) that would ensure everyone went away feeling elated.

Not forgetting flawless musicianship throughout, entertaining special effects and gimmicks, a completely new animated backdrop, and a genuine sense of pleasure to be before a UK audience again. And how many other bands would be offering their drummer’s books alongside the T-shirts and programmes?
Thank you for the music, Rush, once more. For me, 33 years and still counting.

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