Monday, 1 April 2013

Infernal Coalition - on Smashwords

I have made Infernal Coalition available via Smashwords. The link is above and will soon be on the side too.

My motivation for going beyond Kindle and Lulu was down to one factor above all, namely how impressed I have been with the iPad since recently receiving one as an unexpected gift. While it is clear in my mind that the iPad will never replace the desktop or laptop PC, and will probably not challenge the Kindle in VHS v Betamax fashion - let's face it, if you drop your Kindle on the beach, you just brush the sand off the cover and carry on - its versatility is a real eye opener. And I haven't even had to mention Angry Birds yet...

Next stop, the Smashwords Premium Catalogue and the obstacle course that this may involve. And in due course, similar treatment for Hatred Ridicule & Contempt.

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