Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Guest Interview: Emma Gray, author of "Party Games" (as E.J. Greenway)

Today I am pleased to be featuring an interview with Emma Gray, the author of the political suspense thriller “Party Games” as E.J. Greenway. Emma is kindly returning the favour for me.

What first inspired you to write novels?

I was 11, and watching the downfall of Margaret Thatcher, when I first realised I was interested in what was going on in politics. I always loved writing from a young age, and when I realised I could combine writing with my other new love – politics – I was in heaven! I thought the whole drama surrounding an outgoing Prime Minister of Mrs Thatcher’s stature was fascinating, and so I wrote my first ‘novel’ in 1990 called ‘The Plan to Assassinate the Prime Minister’. After that, I wrote a number of political stories (all involving real-life politicians, inspired by publications such as Private Eye) until I began my first ‘serious’ novel, Party Games, ten years ago now! The rest, as they say, is history.

Which novelist most inspires you?

I would have to say Michael Dobbs. He is a marvellous man, with a big passion for politics and writing about it.

Why choose politics as a subject?

As I said above, it’s my life-long passion, as well as my degree, as well as my job, and they say ‘write what you know’, so I did!

What led to the Conservative angle?

I am a natural Tory and have learnt a lot about the Conservative Party over the years!

Tell me more about Party Games.

It is a tale of skulduggery, passion and back-stabbing in the heart of Westminster, but also a tale about friendship and human flaws and failings. I always say that it could be based anywhere where there is hierarchy and rivalry i.e. in any company, school, council etc. I don’t wish to use the politics itself to sell any kind of political message, it is simply there as a vehicle for the characters and the story (hence me not going into policy detail about Cornish devolution, for example, which would obviously be dull as dishwater and make the story fragmented). Although it is in a political setting, I hope that the reader could sympathise and empathise with some of the characters – although not all!

Any more books on the horizon?

Yes – two, in fact. Party Games is first in a trilogy, so I’m currently on book 2, Power Play, which I hope to release later this year.

Most rewarding aspect of independent writing and e-publishing?

Being able to be my own boss and time everything to my own deadlines, not someone else’s.

And most frustrating?

Not being able to get my book out to a wider audience, as would be possible with a traditional publisher. E-books, although brilliant, do have their limitations!

As an independent author, how useful do you find social media?

It’s not just useful, but essential. Twitter has been my biggest source of publicity, and I’m grateful to all those who re-tweet and tweet on my behalf (including @DavidCooperBks !).

What would you most like to achieve from writing?

A book deal, through a traditional publisher. I think any independent author who pretends otherwise is kidding themselves!

Emma’s blogsite is and she can be found on Twitter as @emsie1979.

“Party Games” is in the Kindle bookstore at From my own 5 star review: -

“Anyone following the current political scene will be well familiar with the tales of treachery, double dealing and backbiting that are all too often reported about the Westminster playground, and it often leaves us wishing we could look even further behind the scenes. This tale of the tribulations of opposition leader Rodney Richmond takes a further step into that murky world - and it's all too credible. Rather than spoil the surprise beyond the author's own preview, I'll just say that if you like political suspense (from Dobbs to Archer), you'll love this one - all the more so for the promised sequels as this is just the first part of an intended trilogy.”

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