Sunday, 16 September 2012

Coming Soon: Sackcloth Ashes & Penance - a new legal/political suspense novel

I am going to make a bold claim for Sackcloth, Ashes & Penance, which I anticipate publishing via Kindle Direct and Lulu in the immediate future. Unless I am very much mistaken, I believe that it will be the first novel to be set against the actual events of the 2010 UK General Election and what preceded it and followed it. Remember Bigotgate, I Agree With Nick, a hung Parliament, a coalition and a short lived cabinet career? And what about a quest for candidates that began with an A-List and moved onto a call for ordinary people to come forward, in the face of the Great Parliamentary Expenses Scandal?

Not that I am abandoning the legal suspense thriller genre altogether. As Professor Susie Harris discovers a political calling, solicitor Alex Harris finds out the hard way that his new commercial client’s claim is nothing more than an elaborate scam. And that he himself is the intended victim. And little by little, as they both fight back, their predicaments converge – and collide.

Interested? Check out the Prologue above. The cover and the back cover text are on the right.

(Update, May 2014: I have now retitled the book Infernal Coalition after a minor revision.)

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