Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Matt Cardle On Tour - with Roxanne Emery

OK, no gratuitous plug for Hatred, Ridicule & Contempt this time. Just a review of a memorable show at Birmingham Symphony Hall, starring a modest, all round nice bloke with what should be a long and successful musical career ahead of him.

So what's special about Matt Cardle? Isn't he just another X Factor clone, some might ask? Well, no. The TV episode when he played the acoustic guitar to "Hit Me Baby One More Time" was clearly just a prelude to his ability to hold his own on the electric with his band - think Bryan Adams. And indeed to dust down the acoustic once more for the unaccompanied encore "When We Collide". And he writes his own songs. Oh yes, and there's always the voice.

Let's keep an eye out for Roxanne Emery too. With all due credit to the many female singers who have also emerged from The X Factor, how many of them are known for their guitar skills when fronting a band? No bored indifference for this support act.

Keep it up, both of you. Modern music needs more people like Matt Cardle and Roxanne Emery.

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  1. Could not agree more. Both star acts. Saw a quote today that said "Matt Cardle has released the inner teenager in us all" That passion for music that makes you want to stay up all night listening and dancing. We need more!