Friday, 18 November 2011

Rhydian Roberts: Different Stages

There’s no reason to be ashamed of liking The X Factor. It’s only a game show, nothing serious, just entertainment. Forget the stage managed rows and the occasional episode of unutterable ghastliness, and there might just be a class act worthy of attention. And on this show there is a world of difference between a good maverick and a bad one.

OK, let’s think back to 2007. To a contestant whose choice of an operatic audition song led Simon Cowell to ask out loud what the programme could do with him, if it was Abba week and he had been asked to perform Dancing Queen – a challenge that he promptly and triumphantly threw back in the panel’s faces. Who progressed to the live final, despite hardly fitting the conventional image of a modern singer. And who enjoyed subsequent success of which his victorious opponent – who was it, now? – could have only dreamed.

And yet when my wife and I saw him in We Will Rock You, Rhydian Roberts was content in a lesser role that barely called for frontline solo singing. He just blended into the show without seeking to outshine his fellow performers. Proving that there is far more to his repertoire than the conventional pattern of albums and tours that he could have chosen to follow instead. It’s unlikely to be long before he secures top billing.

So it may be unwise to bet against this particular nonconformist still being prominent in the world of entertainment long after many of his fellow contestants have reluctantly resumed their day jobs. Just as unwise as betting against e-publishing, today’s unorthodox route, eventually coming out on top in its contest with the idea of having to make a debut in print.

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  1. Rhyd is back in We Will Rock You in Edinburgh Dec/Jan, but in the meantime he has been stealing the show with this performance in Grease :-
    proving just how versatile he is. His fourth album will be released on Dec 12th.